relapse prevention a sober placeOne of the biggest challenges you’re going to face once getting out of rehab is relapsing. That’s because once you enter into a rehab, you’re closed off from normal life in order to get clean. The temptation stays outside – it’s only when you return to the normal stresses of daily life does the change for relapse increase.

Relapse prevention needs to start before you become tempted. Here’s a few things to keep in mind in order to fight the temptations and prevent relapse from happening.

Find a support group

No matter what you think, you’re going to need help in order to stay sober. You can’t do it on your own. What you need is a support system and the best way to do that is to join a support group.

There are several benefits to a support group. You can find help with any prevention plans you come up with. The social interaction of the group will help reduce stress and depression. You’ll create new friendships with those who know what you’re going through. And with the support and an open line of communication, you’ll always have someone to turn to when times are tough.

Creating a relapse prevention plan

You can’t control everything. For instance, you may be at a family gathering where everyone is drinking alcohol except you. You can’t tell stop other people from drinking. So you’re going to need a plan.

According to experts, the best thing to do if you experience a craving or having a hard time is to get in touch with someone who is also in recovery. So you may want to write out what your next steps should be such as:

  • Your sponsors’ contact information
  • Any counselors’ contact information
  • An addiction hotline phone number
  • A list of things you should do instead of using

Avoid bad behaviors

Avoidance is one of the most successful relapse prevention tools. So instead of going to the bar or hanging out with people still using, it’s best to avoid them all together. And if you can’t avoid them, remember to whip out your prevention plan.

Watch for warning signs

There are specific situations that can lead to a relapse. Watch out for the following signs:

  • Major financial changes
  • A change in employment
  • Social pressures
  • Change in marital status
  • Health issues
  • A loss of someone close to you
  • Boredom

If you do relapse, don’t beat yourself up over it. It can happen to the best of us. What’s important is what you’re going to do next. Are you going to go back to your old ways or are you going to get help? If you’re ready to find a drug and alcohol rehab, we can help. Contact A Sober Place now and get on the road to recovery.