medical detoxification a sober placeOne of the hardest steps of recovery is cleaning your body of drugs and alcohol. It is essential to start with a clean slate – however, the withdrawal symptoms you will have to face may make you turn back to drugs even before you begin on the road to recovery. That’s why medical detoxification is the best choice to begin your drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

What is Medical Detoxification?

You’ve probably heard of the term detox before. Medical detoxification is a process that will help people withdraw from drugs in a safe, medical way. Medical detox involves the removal of the toxins in your body under the supervision of medical personnel.

Medical detox is a much safer way to withdraw for drugs and alcohol because it puts the person in a comfortable situation and lowers any medical risks caused by not taking the substance. Withdrawal systems can be deadly, especially if you are withdrawing from an opioid addiction. But under a careful eye of a medical staff, you will be able to get free of your addiction safely.

What Happens During the Detox Process?

There is usually a plan set in place before you enter medical detoxification. Once you enter the detoxification, the medical staff will determine what you might need.

For instance, let’s say you are an alcoholic getting sober for the first time in decades. The medical staff may provide you with a drug that can eliminate the risk for seizures. But as time progresses, you will get less and less of the dosage until you are no longer taking the drug.  In addition, you may receive some vitamins or minerals to help bring your health back to normal.

How Long Does Medical Detoxification Take?

It’s hard to give a length of time you need because every person’s chemistry is different. It only depends on certain factors such as:

  • Your age
  • Your state of health
  • The length of time you have been taking the drugs and/or alcohol
  • The amount of drugs and/or alcohol you consume
  • The type of substance you need to detox from

So it may take you days, even weeks to recover from your addiction. The main point is that this process cannot be rushed. It’s critical that the substances have full left your body and you are healthy once again before you can start any rehabilitation program.

If you are ready to get sober and need a medical detoxification program, we can help. Call A Sober Place now and get the help that you need.