dual-diagnosis-treatment-a-sober-placeUnfortunately, drug and alcohol addition may not be the only issues an addict is dealing with. There may be another disease the addict is fighting such as depression, bipolar disorder, or a personality disorder. It can be common place for some drug treatment centers to take care of just the addiction and not the disorder. This can lead to a quick relapse or an addict leaving treatment early.

That’s why you need A Sober Place. We can place you in the right type of drug and alcohol treatment center that handles dual diagnosis treatment.

What Happens If a Dual Diagnosis is Ignored?

Some drug and alcohol treatment centers are equipped with the right staff to take care of a mental disorder. By treating just the addiction without dealing with the underlying cause, dual diagnosis addicts will always relapse upon release. Since the addiction is a symptom of the disorder, the addict will turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, thus becoming addicted once again.

In addition, if the drug treatment center does not address the disorder, the mental strain on the patient can be too much. Trying to assimilate with group therapy programs, for instance, could feel like a battle instead of therapeutic as the addict will feel like an outsider to the group. He/she could check out of rehab and return to old habits to alleviate the stress he/she felt.

A Sober Place Can Help

If you or a loved one has a mental disorder and are using drugs and/or alcohol as treatment, you’re going to need a rehab center that handles both issues. A Sober Place works with hundreds of drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the tri-state area that handle dual diagnosis treatment. Contact us today and let us get you on the road to recovery.