drug addiction treatment for healthcare professionals a sober placeWe’ve said it time and time again. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that can affect everyone, no matter where you are in your life. You can be a college student or a corporate executive. A young man living in the city or a middle aged mother of four living in the suburbs. And unfortunately, this means healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, and pharmacists are not immune to substance abuse.

Would you believe that the healthcare industry is the number one profession that has the highest rate of drug abuse and addiction? According to a recent study, approximately 10 to 15 percent of all health care professionals will misuse drugs and/or alcohol in their career. It’s hard enough dealing with daily temptations without having to work around medications all day long.

Many healthcare professionals are too afraid to face their addictions. There’s the additional worry of losing your job or your license by admitting you have a substance abuse problem. You’re embarrassed and you don’t know where else to turn.

At A Sober Place, we’ve helped hundreds of healthcare professionals find a drug and alcohol treatment program that fits their needs and gets them back on their feet once more. Not only will we help you find a plan to fit your needs, but we’ll make sure you enter a drug rehab that specializes in treating healthcare professionals.

How You Can Protect Your Career

As a doctor or nurse, you have the education and ability to treat people at their lowest point. You have strength in solving problems and know what a person needs in order to feel better. Unfortunately, your education and knowledge could be obstacles when you try to get sober on your own. You know about drug seeking behavior; but can you see it in your own life?

In addition, your everyday work schedule could affect recovery methods, such as:

  • Quick and easy access to medications
  • Irregular work hours
  • Emotional and physical drain from your job
  • Your extensive knowledge about pharmaceuticals

This is why you can’t battle your alcohol or drug addiction on your own. You are going to need the assistance of a professional drug rehabilitation center. Not only will entering a drug rehab help you overcome your addiction, but a rehab will help you through the following situations:

  • Restoring your career to what it once was
  • Help restore your professional practice and reputation
  • Help you deal with any licensing or disciplinary matters you may be facing
  • Participating in monitoring programs
  • Continuing care even when your time at the rehab is over


Get the Help You Need Now

If you or a loved one has a career in the healthcare industry and is struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction, get the help that you need today. Contact A Sober Place now to find a drug addiction treatment center that will fit your needs.