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Drug/Alcohol Treatment Resources

A Sober Place has a great relationship with various drug and alcohol treatment centers for people suffering from substance abuse and alcoholism. Before committing to any one treatment center, please call us first.  Our staff is highly trained to ask you the proper questions to get you into the drug treatment center that best suits your individual needs.  Please call us 24 hours a day/seven days a week with any questions you may have at 1-855-343-3655.


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Stage Of Changes


 Motivational Interviewing

Cogitative Behavioral Therapy

Family System

Our Treatment Process

With all the choices out there for the treatment of adult substance abuse, most people don’t know where to start in making that decision to get help.  There are questions that need to be asked before making the commitment to start a program. 

  • Is the program inpatient or outpatient?
  • Does the program have a full medical detox program?
  • Is the treatment center licensed?
  • What is their success rate?
  • Is my insurance accepted?
  • What is the cost?